“PEACE” Student Exchange Program

Hiroshima University

In order to achieve the SDGs, Hiroshima University aims to educate future professional resources personnel, who will contribute their knowledge and skills to the improvement of social infrastructure in Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos (CLMV countries) and Thailand.

Education Program

  • SDGs Professional Education: Core courses (a total of 271 courses by two universities combined taught in English).
  • ESP (English for Specific Purposes) and Japanese Language Education: A total of 14 ESP courses and 38 Japanese courses by two universities combined.
  • “Study on International Issues and Challenges”: Both universities will provide their international students with consistent guidance on how to design an independent study from the stage of planning to that of presentation.
  • SDGs Entrepreneurship Education: Courses in English on international business or development policy making (a total of 21 courses by two universities combined).
  • Global Internship: “G.ecbo Global Internship,” a special program offered by Hiroshima University, and “Koudoukan” (overseas volunteer work and management practice) offered by Hiroshima University of Economics, in collaboration with international organizations (e.g., JICA), private companies and corporations (e.g., Fukken Co., Ltd.), and public agencies (e.g., Hiroshima Prefectural Government) in Japan (Hiroshima) as well as in CLMV countries.
  • ”PEACE-SDGs Idea Mining Student Seminar”: International joint seminars at Hiroshima University and CLMV universities on how to design highly feasible policies, public projects, and new businesses, using the methods of data and text mining. Possible participants for the seminars will be students from our partner universities in Japan, South Asia, Europe, and the United States.




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