Research and Development of Bamboo for Use as Air Battery, Fuel Cell Materials and Cellulose Nanofiber

Oita University

Bamboo is causing environmental problems called the harmful effects of bamboo.
On the other hand, They are advancing research and development of two technologies that can be utilized for the next generation utilizing the features of bamboo. Two technologies are (1) “gas diffusion layer” of zero-emission fuel cell vehicles and air batteries and (2) “ultra high purity cellulose nanofiber”.

Regarding (1), they have demonstrated that they can produce a gas diffusion layer from bamboo, assemble a solid polymer type fuel cell, perform power generation test, and obtain power of more than 90% when using existing carbon fiber I will.
For (2), they succeeded in producing “ultra high purity cellulose nanofiber” which has higher cellulose purity than existing cellulose nanofibers.



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