Geothermal Exploration by Thermoluminescence Technique Prospection and Reservoir Evaluation by Integration of Geological, Geophysical and Geochemical Data Analysis

Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University

The purpose of this study is to promote geothermal energy development by providing a comprehensive system that supports exploration of geothermal resources. The method to be developed in this study is geothermal exploration using the technique of thermoluminescence, a new geothermal exploration method capable of capturing weak geothermal signs over a wide range of areas. With this technology, it becomes possible to narrow down promising geothermal areas at a low cost and within a short period of time. In parallel with applying the thermoluminescence geothermal exploration method to the target country, existing exploration data are accumulated on the geographical information system (GIS) to integrate, through the use of big data analysis technologies, this new exploration technology with the simulation technology for geothermal reservoir hydrothermal flow evaluations.

source: SATREPS | Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development


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